A Single Star in the Night

This piece portrays veteran Tom Brown patrolling the jungles of Vietnam. His glowing appearance represents the positive attitude he maintained and spread through such a terrible time. The multi-panel canvas shows how Brown felt trapped and cut off from freedom. He could not reach the other side and be full of peace.

Meet the Veteran

Tom Brown is a veteran from the Vietnam war. Although he became a soldier later in his life, Brown’s childhood was typical. When Tom was nineteen he was drafted and sent to training with few options to escape his fate. Brown became a front line infantry man and was soon sent to the dangerous jungles of Sinh, Vietnam. During the war, he kept a positive mind set and a certain degree of confidence. But the more time Brown spent in the jungle the more freedom deprived he began to feel. As though he was trapped and unable to escape. He also started to lose communication with his family. All he could do was write them letters once in a while. But Tom persevered and is now living a normal life with his children and wife. After the war he received the Purple Heart and many other awards for his bravery.

Student-created art exhibit highlighting veteran stories

Seventh grade students at Carleton W. Washburne Middle School in Winnetka turned oral histories into works of art. Forty-five students worked in groups of 4 to research and interview 11 veterans, most of whom are Cantigny Park staff members or volunteers. The art in this exhibit is inspired by these interviews.

First Division Museum Program and Exhibit staff worked with students to turn their projects into a museum exhibit with a theme, labels, title, and a gallery guide. It is currently online until we can welcome visitors back to the First Division Museum to see it in person.