Temporary Exhibit

Battle of the Bulge +75

The Battle of Bulge occurred 75 years ago, from December 1944 to January 1945. Fought during a bitterly cold winter, it was the last major battle on Europe’s Western Front during World War II. Soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division helped hold the line and repel Germany’s mass offensive, hastening an end to the war and securing victory for the Allies.

A display in the museum’s lobby focuses on the victory at Bütgenbach, Belgium, a key position held by the Army’s 1st Infantry Division. Inside the museum’s main exhibit hall, the Battle of the Bulge Gallery tells a more comprehensive story. Outside, visitors will encounter a diorama depicting a destroyed German position with a Pak 38 anti-tank gun and other German equipment.

Exterior display open through December 29 – Cantigny Park hours

Interior display open through March 1 – First Division Museum hours