Behind the Wall

This picture shows a brave young man by the name of Mike Feltes, fighting against the North Vietnamese. The tank in the background symbolizes when he was in the calvary, when he drove tanks. Here he is fighting for his life, representing his country.

Meet the Veteran

Mike Feltes is a Vietnam veteran who served from 1969-1970. Many of his relatives had served in World War II so Feltes felt that he would have disgraced them, had he not been drafted. After he joined, he was sent basic training in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, for eight weeks. After he was sent to Ford Ord, California, where he did advanced infantry training. Afterwards, he was sent to Vietnam where he served for fourteen months, in that time becoming a sergeant. Then Feltes was sent to Fort Meade, Maryland, where he was in an armored cavalry regiment. Then he went home, back to Aurora where he married his wife, and had two kids. Feltes volunteers for the First Division Museum and spends his days happily doing what he loves.

Student-created art exhibit highlighting veteran stories

Seventh grade students at Carleton W. Washburne Middle School in Winnetka turned oral histories into works of art. Forty-five students worked in groups of 4 to research and interview 11 veterans, most of whom are Cantigny Park staff members or volunteers. The art in this exhibit is inspired by these interviews.

First Division Museum Program and Exhibit staff worked with students to turn their projects into a museum exhibit with a theme, labels, title, and a gallery guide. It is currently online until we can welcome visitors back to the First Division Museum to see it in person.