GMC CCKW 2 1/2 ton Truck – ‘Crazy Horse’

The GMC 2 ½-ton truck, commonly referred to as the ‘Deuce-and-a-half,’ was introduced in the months before America entered into WWII. This all-in-one vehicle was designed for hauling a variety of materials, ranging from ammunition to troops. As time went on, different variations of these rugged trucks were developed with specific purposes such as towing/recovery, communications, and fuel and water storage. Despite its name, the truck can carry as much as 4-5 tons.

Our CCKW came off the assembly time in May of 1941. It is interpreted as the troop-carrier, complete with a ring mounted .50cal M2 machine gun above the cab, and folding troop benches. Its name, ‘CCKW,’ comes from a GM vehicle code system.

“C” – Year of design (1941)
“C” – Conventional cab (engine in front of the driver)
“K” – All-Wheel-Drive
“W” – Dual wheel rear axles.

By the end of WWII, more than 570,000 CCKW trucks were produced- a production number second only to the Jeep. The CCKW was so popular that despite introducing its replacement in 1950, the truck continued to serve reliably until the mid-1960s.

Technical Data

Weight: 19,183lbs (Fully Loaded)
Engine: GMC 270 (91hp output)
Transmission: T93, 5-speed (direct 4th gear, 5th gear overdrive)
Crew: 2
Top Speed: 45mph
Fuel: 40 gallon tank with 300-mile maximum range
Armament: Cab ring-mounted .30cal M1919 MG OR .50cal M2 HMG (on appropriate models)
Total Produced: 562,750 (1941-45)