Historical Vehicle Fleet

1918 Standardized Class-B Military Truck- ‘Nancy’

The First Division Museum’s 11-year-long, multiple truck project is finally complete!
Premiering in August of 2018, our truck is one of only a handful in operating condition. Designed, tested and completed for production in late 1917, the Standardized Class-B ‘Liberty Truck’ was one of 3 classes of standardized Truck designs in various sizes intended to replace all previously used types and sizes of truck in order to limit the chaos of maintaining the hundreds of types and models of motor vehicles then in use with the US Army. 15 companies assembled them while over 150 manufacturers made parts. Despite over 10,000 being produced from 1918-1919 few made it overseas in time for service during WW1. The only documented use of the truck with the First Division comes from post-war sources. Despite this, the truck represents a massive technological and ideological leap forward for the US military in streamlining the way we trained on, produced, and maintained motor vehicles and equipment- concepts which are a central pillar of our modern military’s ability to move, shoot, and communicate.

Occupants: Driver, Co-driver (+12 if used as troop transport)

Carry Capacity: 5 tons

Engine: 52hp, 4-cylinder L-head (gasoline); various producers

Transmission: 4 speed manual

Top Speed: 14mph

Production: Estimated 14,000 produced from January 1918 to winter of 1919