Historical Vehicle Fleet

1918 Standardized Model B ‘Liberty Truck’

Our Decade-long project will soon be at an end! The First Division Museum Historic Motor Pool has been in the process of building a restored and fully operational 1918 Standard B ‘Liberty Truck’ built from the bodies and components of 8 incomplete trucks. Once completed, our Liberty will be one of only 3 operational remaining in existence. Designed, tested and completed for production in 1917, the Standard B was one of 3 standardized Truck designs in various sizes intended for use with the military in order to limit the chaos of operating hundreds of types and models of motor vehicles within the US Military. Of the nearly 10,000 produced during the war, about 3/4 were received in Europe but few saw service in combat areas or during hostilities prior to November 11th. Despite this, the truck represents a massive technological and ideological leap forward for the US military in streamlining the way we trained on, produced, and maintained motor vehicles and equipment- concepts which are a pillar of the way today’s military operates and uses vehicles.

Occupants: Driver, Co-driver (+12 if used as troop transport)

Carry Capacity: 3.5 to 5 tons

Engine: 52hp, 4-cylinder L-head (gasoline)

Top Speed: 12-14mph

Production: Slightly over 17,000 produced from 1918 to 1920