Love for the Montagnards

Jim Hagan worked with the Montagnard tribesmen during his time serving in the Vietnam War. The scene depicts Hagan with a green beret, a diligently earned accomplishment, and two fearless tribesmen. The three Montagnard houses symbolize land, air, and water. There is a sunset behind them and American moon above.

Meet the Veteran

Jim Hagan is an ex military Sargeant who learned a myriad of life lessons during his time at war. Hagan spent most of his time serving in Vietnam traveling to many different bases. During his time, he also trained indigenous people called the Montagnard tribesmen. Hagan grew very close with the Montagnards and taught them how to fight, and be like an American soldiers. While spending so much time with the Montagnards, Hagan realized how much teamwork really meant to him. The Montagnards trust Hagan and would protect him from anything. After Hagans time in the military, he went back to college and met his wife and had 3 very successful kids. Hagan’s time in Vietnam taught him many things, and gave him moments in his life that he will never forget.

Student-created art exhibit highlighting veteran stories

Seventh grade students at Carleton W. Washburne Middle School in Winnetka turned oral histories into works of art. Forty-five students worked in groups of 4 to research and interview 11 veterans, most of whom are Cantigny Park staff members or volunteers. The art in this exhibit is inspired by these interviews.

First Division Museum Program and Exhibit staff worked with students to turn their projects into a museum exhibit with a theme, labels, title, and a gallery guide. It is currently online until we can welcome visitors back to the First Division Museum to see it in person.