Historical Vehicle Fleet

M3 Halftrack- ‘Phoenix’

The M3 Halftrack was a workhorse of WW2 which saw deployment to every major theater of the conflict. A slight improvement over the earlier M2 halftrack, the M3 and its many variations provided a unique all-terrain vehicle with the maneuverability and length of a car with the cross-country ability of a tracked vehicle. The M3 served as an armored infantry transport vehicle as well as fire support and in many other roles depending on its armament and variation. Its design drew heavily from the M3 White Scout Car and would serve with the 1st Division from Operation Torch (the invasion of North Africa) to the end of the war and with the rest of the military in all other theaters. It would also see use in the Korean War being phased out by the late 1950s and continuing service with many foreign armies such as Belgium where ours came from. Our Halftrack is named ‘Phoenix’ for its rise from the ashes over years of restoration in the early 1990s. It was mostly built from parts of multiple vehicles and in its current state represents a mortar carrier.

Occupants: Driver, Co-Driver, +12 (if troop transport variant)

Engine: 147hp White 160AX (gasoline)

Top Speed: 45mph

Production: 41,000 from 1941 to 1945 (White, Autocar and Diamond-T manufacturers)