Historical Vehicle Fleet

M31A White Scout Car ‘Beverly’

Developed in the years prior to America’s entry into WW2, the Scout Car was meant to be a fast reconnaissance vehicle with enough armor plating to protect its occupants from small arms fire and allow troops to be transported on the modern battlefield. The Scout Car has a special gliding rail mount which allows its armament, two M1919 .30cal machine guns and one M2 .50cal machine gun, to have a much greater field of fire. Unfortunately the vehicle was largely outdated by the time America joined the war, and its role in combat with the 1st Division was limited primarily to wide open spaces and flat ground of Africa and Sicily as a command vehicle. It was replaced by better-armed and faster vehicles by mid-1944 but continued to see use with other allied armies to the end of the war. The White Motor Company developed and produced the Scout car. Ours is a late model which was extensively restored by our motor pool volunteers over 25 years ago.

Occupants: Driver, Co-driver, 3x gunners, 2+ additional occupants

Engine: 110hp, Hercules JXD in-line 6 cylinder L-head (gasoline)

Top Speed: 55-60mph

Production: 21,000 produced from 1940 to 1944