Spotlighting Piracy

While patrolling Somalian seas, they noticed a pirate ship carrying tanks, rocket launchers, and other weapons. They followed the ship back to Somalia, and sat in front of land trying to not let them dock. This prevented dangerous weapons from getting on the street.

Meet the Veteran

Emanuel Johnson served in the Navy as an IT Support. He served for 6 and a half years. His ship was the USS Vella Gulf. He has always wanted to be in the military, as his uncle was also in the military. He could not go to college, so he went straight from high school to the military. One thing that helped him in the military was that he played sports in high school. The work that was involved in sports translated into some work in the military. The main thing that Johnson has learned in his life, is that friends and family are the most important thing.

Student-created art exhibit highlighting veteran stories

Seventh grade students at Carleton W. Washburne Middle School in Winnetka turned oral histories into works of art. Forty-five students worked in groups of 4 to research and interview 11 veterans, most of whom are Cantigny Park staff members or volunteers. The art in this exhibit is inspired by these interviews.

First Division Museum Program and Exhibit staff worked with students to turn their projects into a museum exhibit with a theme, labels, title, and a gallery guide. It is currently online until we can welcome visitors back to the First Division Museum to see it in person.