First Division Museum


Scouting Out the First Division Museum

The First Division Museum gladly welcomes Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts to come explore and learn. From the trenches of World War I to the jungles of Vietnam, our exhibits offer an exciting historical experience. Both the First Divison Museum and Cantigny Park offer a variety of activities for scouts to enjoy. Groups are encouraged to explore the exhibits with their chaperones. No reservations are needed for self-guided and chaperoned groups.

In addition to the First Division Museum, the grounds of Cantigny offer a host of activities for scouts that include hiking trails, garden walks and the Robert R. McCormick House. There are also places for camping and picnicking.

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For more information on scouting opportunities and activities at Cantigny Park and the First Division Museum, please contact Edith Roman at 630.260.8162 or email her at