Cub Scouts


Bear: Paws for Action

This program offers Scouts a chance to receive a guided tour of the museum, and learn about the combat history of the 1st Infantry Division. This will connect to learning more about what the American flag stands for and how we respect the flag and the country and people it represents.

Meets requirement 1
1 hour
$5 per person

Webelos: First Responder

Do you think you have what it takes to do battlefield first aid? Learn first aid basics and how combat medics and soldiers have dealt with extreme survival situations.

Meets all requirements
1.5 hours
$7 per person
This program takes place after normal museum hours on weekdays.



Webelos: Building a Better World

Set off on a guided tour through the First Division Museum to discover what makes America special. Learn about citizenship, the American flag, and the rule of law through a variety of games and activities.

Meets requirements 1, 2, and 3
1 hours
$5 per person

Contact Edith Roman to reserve a date or call 630.260.8166
10 person paid minimum for each program

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