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Scouting Out the First Division Museum

The First Division Museum provides tremendous opportunities for girl scouts to build their confidence, character and a lifelong love of learning. The journey begins through the Main Exhibit Hall, where scouts go through the trenches of World War I, investigate an underground bunker, explore Omaha beach after D-Day, travel the jungles of Vietnam and much more! The eight major galleries of the First Division Museum cover military history from 1917-1991. In addition, there are 11 tanks outside the museum for scouts to explore and climb on.

Groups are encouraged to explore the Main Exhibit Hall with their chaperones. No reservations are needed for self-guided and chaperoned groups.

We host a variety of badge programs for Girl Scout groups. Learn More.

In addition to the First Division Museum, the grounds of Cantigny offer a host of activities for scouts that include hiking trails, garden walks and the Robert R. McCormick Museum. There are also places for camping and picnicking.

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Girl Scout Overnights

The museum is going through exciting changes. We are getting a new exhibit on the modern military and upgrades to the existing exhibit and lobby. Unfortunately, the museum will be closed from November 2016 until August 2017 to do this. We hope to bring back an updated version of the popular overnight program in early 2018.

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