Girl Scouts


Legacy: Athlete: Fair Play

Join Team Cantigny for a field day with a military spin. Take part in a variety of games and challenges.
$5 per person

Legacy: Citizen: Celebrating Community

Explore our community’s past through symbols and music. Tour the First Division Museum and learn to march like a soldier. Then create a banner and symbols for your Troop to take home.
$5 per person

Skill Building: Hiker (Day or Night)

Your mission is to scout the path through Cantigny Park. Scouts will need to choose the right gear to bring, decorate a water bottle, and pack a snack. Scouts will learn new skills on the trail and report back to Headquarters about what they find.
$5 per person

Skill Building: Home Scientist

Scouts join the Cantigny Military Scientists to complete experiments with kitchen chemistry, static electricity, rocket power, & some seriously strange science.
$5 per person


Skill Building: Detective

The Cantigny Military Police (MPs) are willing to share secrets about coded communication, fingerprinting, and other detective science. The Scouts will use these skills to solve their own mystery.
$5 per person

Skill Building: Playing the Past

Learn about famous females from America’s past. Get into character with costume accessories, activities from their daily lives, games, and music
$5 per person


Skill Building: Night Owl

The world looks different when the lights go out. Explore Cantigny Park at night and create night art. Use a starlight scope and night vision goggles to find beacons and infrared beams. Be ready for anything. You never know who is in the woods of Cantigny. We suggest pairing this program with a campout.
$5 per person

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Each unique program will cover all steps to earn the badge. There is a 10 person minimum for each program. Ready to sign up?

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