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Museum Programs and Education

Here’s a list of our contacts for the Museum Programs and Education Department:

Laura Sears Public Programs Coordinator 630.260.8237
Melissa Tyer Museum Educator 630.260.8274
Jessica Waszak Curator 630.260.8183

Robert R. McCormick Research Center

Here’s a list of our contacts for the Robert R. McCormick Research Center:

Jessica Waszak Curator 630.260.8183
Eric Gillespie Foundation Historian 630.260.8186
Tracy Cirar Librarian 630.260.8211
Kate Kleiderman Archivist 630.260.8221
Mary Manning Reference Librarian 630.260.8129
Andrew Woods Research Historian 630.260.8223

Museum Collections

Here’s a list of our contacts for the Collections Department:

John Maniatis Registrar 630.260.8231