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Museum Programs and Education

Here’s a list of our contacts for the Museum Programs and Education Department:

Gayln Piper Director of Public Programming 630.260.8130
Jackie Gillaspie Coordinator of Volunteers and Facilitators 630.260.8116
Audra Kantor Historic Vehicle Program Coordinator 630.260.8148
Laura Sears Public Programs Coordinator 630.260.8237
Melissa Tyer Museum Educator 630.260.8274
Jessica Waszak Curator 630.260.8183

Robert R. McCormick Research Center

Here’s a list of our contacts for the Robert R. McCormick Research Center:

Eric Gillespie Foundation Historian 630.260.8186
Tracy Cirar Librarian 630.260.8211
Kate Kleiderman Archivist 630.260.8221
Mary Manning Reference Librarian 630.260.8129
Andrew Woods Research Historian 630.260.8223

Department of Media

Here’s a list of our contacts for the Department of Media:

Ana Myers Media Design Associate 630.260.8256

Museum Collections

Here’s a list of our contacts for the Collections Department:

John Maniatis Registrar 630.260.8231