Duty First: Battle

Briefly defined as “fighting the armed forces of another state,” fighting and winning battles is 1 ID’s main purpose, as it did during the Gulf War in 1991. Division soldiers train constantly for all aspects of battle—from combat to deployment, logistics, medical support, intelligence, communication and more. The 1 ID used these skills honed during home-station training when they deployed to the Gulf War.

The Gulf War: Objective Norfolk

In this theme-section visitors can learn about Objective Norfolk, the largest tank battle of the war and one of the largest tank battles in American history, in an immersive audio-visual experience that features actual radio chatter from the battle. On display are American uniforms and pieces of captured Iraqi equipment. Significantly, visitors can also see the actual—pre-digital age—operational map and overlay the supply unit commander used during the war to enable him and his subordinate units to keep the 1 ID supplied with critical supplies such as food, water, ammunition and fuel. View the operational map in conjunction with an FDM graphic interpretation to help you better understand 1 ID’s movements.