M113A2 APC

The M113 APC increased mobility, provided mobile armored protection for up to 11 soldiers, and was amphibious.

The M113 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), increased the mobility of infantry. It provided mobile armored protection for 11 soldiers in full combat gear and the driver and track commander as they moved across the battlefield.

The vehicle was amphibious and capable of being air-dropped, allowing it to be used in a wide range of combat situations. The first upgrade to the original M113, the A1, was a switch from gasoline to a diesel engine, reducing the risk of catastrophic explosions. The M113A2 was upgraded with improved suspension, engine cooling, and exhaust systems.

The M113 family of APCs has been the most widely used armored vehicle around the world.

The 1st Infantry Division used the M113A1 in Vietnam.

Technical Data

Weight: 12.5 Tons
Crew: Driver & Commander plus up to 11 infantrymen
Armament: .50-caliber machine gun
Armor: Aluminum Alloy
Thickness: 1.1” – 1.75”
Engine: Detroit Diesel, 6V-53 Liquid Cooled 2 Cycle V-6 Cylinder Piston 212 HP
Fuel Capacity: 95 gal
Speed: 40 mph
Range: 300 miles
Total Produced: Over 70,000 M113 Series APCs