M46 Patton Tank

The end of World War II and the subsequent rise of the Cold War created a need for a main battle tank capable of competing with Soviet armor.

The M46 Patton was an upgrade to the M26 Pershing heavy tank developed at the end of World War II. Many of its features reflected new design concepts, including a more powerful engine for better speed, agility, and an improved main gun for better firepower. However, it averaged 3 gallons of gasoline to travel one mile.

In Korea, its 90 mm main gun was able to destroy the North Korean (Russian built) T-34/85 tanks and fire rounds against bunkers and fortifications. During the latter part of the war, it was used for indirect fire support.

The M46 remained with troops in Korea well after the war because the armistice restricted new weapons being introduced to the theater.

Technical Data

Weight: 48.5 Tons
Crew: 5 – Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver, Hull Machine Gunner

  • Turret: 90mm main gun, .30-caliber machine gun, .50-caliber machine gun
  • Hull: .30-caliber machine gun

Main Gun Ammunition: Armor Piercing, High Explosive Anti-Tank, High Explosive
Armor Thickness: .5”– 4.5”
Engine: Continental AV-1790, 12-Cylinder, Air-Cooled, Gas Engine, 810 hp
Fuel Capacity: 232 gal
Speed: 30 mph
Range: 80 miles
Total Produced: 2015