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T26E4 Pershing Tank

This is one of the T20 series of experimental tanks produced during World War II. The goal was to develop a tank with enough firepower to defeat German armor.

The T26E3 test tank was standardized as the M26 Pershing, which had a standard 90mm main gun. The T26E4 version, a later experiment, was developed in early 1945. It replaced the T26E3’s main gun with a more powerful high velocity 90 mm gun. Unfortunately the main gun round was so long that a two-piece, separated round had to be developed to fit in the cramped interior of the tank.

The T26E4 was developed so late in the war that only one made it to Europe. The war ended before it could engage any German tanks. At the end of the war the production run was cut from 1,000 to only 25 tanks. Some of these tanks were later used as target vehicles. This is the only remaining T26E4 of the 25 produced.

Weight: 48 Tons
5 – Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver, Hull Machine Gunner
90mm high velocity main gun, .50-caliber machine gun, 2 .30-caliber machine guns
Armor Thickness:
.5” – 4.5”
Ford GAF Liquid Cooled V-8, 500 HP
Fuel Capacity:
183 Gallons

Speed: 20 mph Range: 100 miles
Total Produced:
Year Fielded: