Military Library

A Unique and Diverse Military History Selection Available in the Library

The Library contains over 10,000 books on military history. These books include secondary works on various battles, campaigns and wars, as well as reference works, rare unit histories and military manuals. Primary sources include the bound battle records of the First Division in World War I and the 1st Infantry Division’s World War II battle records on microfilm. The Library also has a large selection of military history videos and a diverse section of military journals and history magazines.

The Library’s books, magazines and videos are available for use in the Research Center’s Reading Room. The Library loans selected items only to other libraries through the Inter-Library Loan System. If you are not able to visit the Research Center’s Library, you can ask your local librarian to place a request with us for an inter-library loan. If the book is not rare or fragile, our institution will loan it to your local library. The Inter-Library Loan System enables the Library to have a nationwide impact through its loans to other libraries across the country.

For more information about the Military Library, please contact:

Tracy Cirar Librarian 630.260.8211