How to Donate Items

How to Donate Items to the Colonel Robert R. McCormick Research Center

The Col. McCormick Research Center has a wide and varied collection of library and archival materials on military history which is available for study. The Research Center is continuously searching for more items to tell the story of the 1st Infantry Division and the life and times of Col. McCormick.

If you are looking for an institution to receive your letters, photos, books or papers about your service with the 1st Infantry Division, please consider the Colonel Robert R. McCormick Research Center.

The Research Center Director would be glad to provide you with information on how to donate items. If your materials are outside the scope of our mission, we will gladly refer you to more appropriate museums and research centers.

For more information on donating items to the Research Center, please contact:

Eric Gillespie Foundation Historian 630.260.8186