Oral Histories

The 1st Infantry Division Veterans Oral History Interview Project

Oral History can be defined as the gathering and preservation of personal recollections by way of recorded interviews. The Research Center’s goal is to collect and preserve veterans’ stories as part of 1st Infantry Division history, and to have those recollections available for research.

The Research Center seeks those veterans of the 1st Infantry Division who would be interested in being candidates for oral history interviews. Those who express an interest in the program would have their names entered into the Oral History Candidates List. This list is useful in planning and scheduling future interviews.

How It Works

Please fill out and send to us the Big Red One Oral History Application Form in the participation section here. Once the form is received, your name will be entered into the Oral History Candidates List. This list will be used to contact you and arrange a mutually convenient time for an interview.

In preparation for the interview, the Research Center will send you a questionnaire. Please fill it out and mail it back. The filled out questionnaire about your service with the 1st Infantry Division will help our preparations for the interview.

The interview itself will be videotaped. Afterwards, you will be provided with a DVD copy of the recording and a hard copy transcript. The Research Center will also have a DVD and transcript of the interview. This will allow the Research Center to preserve the interview and make it available for research by scholars.

For more information about Oral History Interviews, please contact:

Jessica Waszak Curator 630.260.8183