M41A3 Walker Bulldog

The M41 series of light tanks were quick and maneuverable, with a top speed of 45 mph. They were designed for reconnaissance and security missions, not direct tank-to-tank combat. Like their predecessors, the M5 and the M24, their relatively light armor made them vulnerable to anti-tank fire.

The M41A3, as seen here, was the first US light tank to have its engine and transmission combined as a single unit in the rear of the tank. It was also the first US light tank to have an integrated fire control system where the commander and gunner sights and the main gun were connected, making its firepower more effective. Also, it was equipped with a bore evacuator that pulled gases and smoke out of the barrel after the gun was fired.

The M41 tank series never saw combat with the US Army but was exported to over 18 countries.

Technical Data

Weight: 25.5 Tons
Crew: 4 – Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver
Armament: 76mm main gun, .30-caliber machine gun, .50-caliber machine gun
Main Gun Ammunition: Armor Piercing, High Explosive Anti-Tank
Armor Thickness: .375” – 1.5”
Engine: Continental, 6-Cylinder, Air-Cooled, Supercharged, Gas Engine, 500 hp
Speed: 45 mph
Total Produced: 5500 total M41 Series Tanks