PVT Wilbur E. Colyer

Rank and organization:

Sergeant, U.S. Army, Company A, 1st Engineers, 1st Division.

Place and date:

Near Verdun, France, 9 October 1918.

Entered service at:

South Ozone, Long Island, N.Y.


Brooklyn, N.Y.

G.O. No.:

20, W.D., 1919.

Citation: Volunteering with 2 other soldiers to locate machinegun nests, Sgt. Colyer advanced on the hostile positions to a point where he was half surrounded by the nests, which were in ambush. He killed the gunner of one gun with a captured German grenade and then turned this gun on the other nests silencing all of them before he returned to his platoon. He was later killed in action.