Map Case

Lieutenant Colonel Steven Goligowski purchased this map case during the 1980s when he was in the 101st Airborne Division. Goligowski opted for the nondescript bag because “Carrying a briefcase in a combat zone attracts too much unwanted attention.” He sewed a spare name tag on the front flap and carried it as a field briefcase during deployments and exercises for the rest of his career. Army and Division policy prohibited him from wearing full-color 1st Infantry Division (1ID) patches on his combat uniforms but said nothing about ancillary equipment. He sewed a full-color 1ID patch on the front flap before departing to Saudi Arabia and carried the case through Operation Desert Storm and after.


ConflictDesert Storm
RightsFirst Division Museum
Citation"Map Case." First Division Museum. Accessed June 27, 2019, https://www.fdmuseum.org/collections/map-case/.


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