First Division Museum Travel Program Expert

Jacquelyn Gillaspie

A lifetime passion for history compelled Jacquelyn to earn both her Undergraduate degree and Masters degree in Military History. The latter received from the prestigious Military College, Norwich University in Vermont. Jacquelyn has extensive research experience in the history of the First Infantry Division, and has created programs and presentations for numerous events hosted by the First Division Museum.

Jacquelyn’s wealth of history knowledge and insights are a testament to her ceaseless dedication to education and academic growth. In addition to her scholastic accolades and critical thinking, she is kind, considerate, and an excellent listener. Whether guests are scholars or simply enthusiastic to learn something new, Jacquelyn is able to communicate effectively and provide meaningful conversation to engage at all levels.

Jacquelyn cannot wait to have you join this incredible journey through Europe as we unpack the history and enjoy the culture of some amazing locations.

Jacquelyn currently works as the Coordinator of Volunteers and Facilitators at the First Division Museum at Cantigny Park in Wheaton IL. When she is not at the museum, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Brad and corgi, Clove.