Honoring the WWI Centennial

Join Us at Cantigny

Cantigny Park commemorates this historic anniversary with a a full day of events on Memorial Day, May 28, to commemorate the centennial of America’s first key battle and first offensive of World War I.

The Battle of Cantigny took place May 28-31, 1918, in Cantigny, France. The U.S. Army’s First Division led the charge, successfully liberating the small village from German occupation.

The Battle had a significant impact on the life of Col. Robert R. McCormick. A true citizen-soldier, McCormick joined the Illinois National Guard in 1915 and served on the Mexican border in 1916. At the time, he was editor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune. He further volunteered for service in World War I with the First Division (now the 1st Infantry Division, the famous “Big Red One”).

The Battle of Cantigny was the only major battle in which McCormick participated, but the experience affected him deeply. Upon returning to the United States, he renamed his family’s Wheaton farm Cantigny. The Park claims a close connection to those events 100 years ago, which took place about 70 miles north of Paris.

Join us at Cantigny Park to learn more about the 1st Infantry Division’s rich history, and how their efforts back then and to this day protect our freedoms.

Centennial Events at Cantigny

November 6Date with History: WWI Armistice
November 9Doughboys of Cantigny: Oral Histories of the First Division in WWI
November 10Brew it Forward
November 11Armistice Day: Bells of Peace

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